Bronzeville has a long and storied tradition of locally-owned businesses. These businesses were once the driving force behind the area’s vitality as a dining, entertainment and commerce hub for Chicago’s African American community. While the level of commercial activity has declined, the spirit of entrepreneurship remains. 

The Bronzeville Incubator™ is a marketplace of ideas and collaboration for entrepreneurs. It offers over 3,000 square feet of working space within the Bronzeville Cookin’ facility at 51st street and the CTA Green Line. Embedded within a diverse mix of social and business enterprises and startups, the Incubator is an attractive location to work and a supportive and nurturing community of people striving to rebuild Bronzeville’s economy through small business success.



Our mission at The Bronzeville Incubator is to catalyze the growth of urban enterprises by supporting local entrepreneurs in developing community-based enterprises. We fill this mission for a select group of members and guests by providing high-quality co-working spaces, delivering targeted capacity building sessions, facilitating connections among members and guests, and convening community stakeholders around key issues and opportunities.