The Incubator brings together ambitious first and second-stage entrepreneurs in the culinary, creative, and sustainability industries who share a commitment to community development and who value being a part of an enterprise wherein peers and mentors, education, and networking in these arenas converge.

Members of the Incubator are innovators in their fields and share a mission to establish holistic approaches to community development and wealth creation. Every aspect of the environment at the Incubator is designed to facilitate organic exchange with thought leaders and introduction of complementary resources.

What we offer

  • CO-WORKING: Quality work space includes dedicated desks, shared desks, & shared social media / meeting areas for up to 50 professionals

  • CAPACITY BUILDING: Regular training sessions and discussions for all that help Incubator members build capabilities required for success in challenging urban environments.

  • CONNECTING: Social events and planned activities facilitate strong, supportive networks among members and guests.

  • CONVENING: That brings together individuals & institutions that share our aspiration to build community through commercial & social enterprises, and are able to contribute resources towards revitalizing Bronzeville and similar urban communities.


Incubator Space Rental

our primary memberships include access to our conference room, shared kitchenette, rooftop deck & garden, on-site bike parking and storage. Additionally, most members have access to selected events, forums, and workshops at the Bronzeville Incubator.